We are frequently asked if plantation shutters can provide privacy and lighting control for your home. Dynamic Home Enhancements offers a different range of solutions that will help solve these and more concerns. 

Plantation window shutters are the best option for privacy

The lighting in any room sets the mood of the room and gives a boost to the overall environment of the room. When installed on windows and doors, plantation shutters allow natural light to enter the house through the louvres and help obstruct the outside noise, distractions, and disruptions from entering the house, thus, creating your own private space to do your work in peace or relax. 

Moreover, Faux Wood Polywood Plantation shutters are a practical and elegant solution to your home windows and doors, they give you a feel of luxury while proving extremely functional to the house. 

Ensure a good sleep for your little ones with plantation shutters

Struggling to get your kids’ bedroom, dark and quiet for their afternoon nap? Is it hard to make them go to bed on time during summer due to the sunlight coming into their room? Controlling light levels for your little ones is easy when you have internal plantation shutters installed for windows. You can create the perfect environment for them by controlling the amount of light and airflow coming into their bedroom, and also, you’ll be able to block the noise coming from the exteriors. Take the stress out of bedtime and make it special for you and your child by installing plantation shutters.

Roller Shutters for noise cancelation 

Roller shutters offer noise cancellation and privacy benefits. For example, the noise menacing from the street outside may be distracting you, or your noisy neighbour may be robbing you of some much-needed rest after a long work-night shift. You can get rid of these unwanted disturbances by simply rolling down the panels of the plantation shutters. 

They also help effectively block out the outside noise from entering the house, as well as block the bright sunlight from entering your private space. This way, you could create a quiet, peaceful, and shady indoor environment to get some much-needed sleep during the day. 

Sheer shades for home

The sheer shades offer a softer alternative to the roller shutters and add unique design elements to the home interiors. They can effectively transform the harsh sunlight into a warmer, more soothing glow. When you open the vents, the sheers provide diffused light into your living space, while their dual fabric offers privacy during the daytime. You can even use the darkening shades for better light control. Contact us today to discuss with our friendly staff the right product for your lighting and privacy needs.

Protect your furniture against UV Light from the sun

Wooden furniture and floors tend to get yellow or discoloured when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. The protective layer of the sheer shades will help to mitigate harmful UV rays while keeping your belongings safe.

Let us help you add the finishing touches to your home

Leave your windows treatment in hands of the experts. Here at Dynamic Home Enhancements, we offer Australian Made products that will adjust to your specific needs at an affordable price. Are you located in Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Central Coast or Sydney? We got you covered! Contact us today!