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Dynamic Home Enhancements – New South Wales

Dynamic Home Enhancements provide roller shutters, outdoor blinds and plantation shutters for the people of New South Wales.

Our expertise is second to none, with over 10 years of experience in the industry and continuous growth as a company we are very well positioned to handle any of your home improvements needs regarding these popular products.

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We Service the Central Coast, NSW

FAQ  on Roller Shutters Central Coast

Why Choose DHEgroup for Roller Shutters Central Coast?

Dynamic Home Enhancements aim to provide the best services from beginning to end. We train our trainers to their utmost potential. Besides, we emphasize the quality of our materials for Roller Shutters on the Central Coast. We source it from the nearby localities in Australia. With the latest technology, we make roller shutters that fit your budget.

How do you grease a Shutter in the Central Coast location?

The maintenance of Shutters Central Coast is inexpensive. First, do not lubricate your shutter directly. Before that, use a brush to wipe off the accumulated dust. Next, wipe it with a damp cloth. And then grease the shutters and tracks. Finally, you can use a silicone spray as per the recommendation by our experts.

Do you provide cleaning services for all kinds of roller shutters?

We do give information on maintaining the roller shutters so that they can work efficiently. We provide advice on how to clean them yourself. It is quite difficult for us to provide cleaning services for our shutters as our products are so popular we are concentrating on installing new ones all the time. Use a damp cloth, water bucket and dish washing soap to clean your shutters, avoid using pressure washers, which could damage paint on the shutter.

Can I upgrade my existing window shutters central coast to battery operation?

Yes, you can upgrade your window shutters in Central Coast to battery operation. All you need to do is give us a call and tell us about your requirements, and our trainer will update the window shutters to the battery option.

Can you upgrade my old smart drive controller to a new E-Port Controller?

Hey, yes, it is possible to update your old smart drive controller to a new E-Port Controller. It is a brilliant option. To fit the new E-Port Controller, a plate is installed for the feasibility of existing connections.