External plantation shutters are an elegant and practical all weather solution for any Australian home.

External Plantation Shutters from Dynamic Home Enhancements

External plantation shutters are a beautiful way to add privacy and elegance to your patio. They are made with durable materials that can withstand the harsh Australian climates, and they come in various styles and colours so you can choose the right fit for your home or business.

External plantation shutters are a great way to add elegance, style and protection from the elements to your patio, balcony or pergola area:

External plantation shutters are a great way to add elegance, style and protection to your patio, balcony or pergola area. They can also be used to control light and heat in your home.

Exterior shutters provide shade and privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature from your patio area. They’re a great way to create a more private outdoor space, even if you live in an apartment building with no garden or yard at all!

External plantation shutters:

External plantation shutters are the most popular type of shutter and are available in a variety of colours and styles. They’re typically made from aluminium, wood or PVC and can be fitted to your windows externally or internally (if you have an internal window). See Interior Plantation Shutters for more information.

External shutters work by covering the glass and filling the frame around it, giving them an impressive look that helps them stand out from other types of window coverings such as blinds and curtains.

Indoor or Outdoor aluminium plantation shutters?

Aluminium external shutters are perfect for outdoor use, as they are made from a durable material that is resistant to corrosion. They can be installed on any type of window, including double-hung and sliding windows.

Indoor plantation shutters are usually made of different materials and designed to be more suitable for the interior of the home. They are an elegant solution to any Australian home.

They come in different styles: bi-folded/casement-style plantation shutters are manually opened and closed by hand, whereas single or double-hung will open vertically like regular doors.

If you’re looking for DIY plantation shutter kits, be wary they can be quite tricky for an average DIYer. Using our services is the preferred option for most people.

Why is aluminium the best for outdoor plantation shutters?

Aluminium is a great material for external shutters. It’s durable, long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. Aluminium shutters also require little upkeep, as they’re low maintenance.

Outdoor shutters for decks, patios, pergolas, balconies and more!

External plantation shutters are a great way to add an elegant touch to your home or business. Have a cafe? Plantation shutters are a great option, to control light coming through the windows and add some privacy shutter benefits. They can be used for internal or external applications and can be customised to suit any style of decor.

External bi-folded/casement-style plantation shutters

External bi-folded/casement-style plantation shutters are the most popular type of shutter.

They’re ideal for patios, verandas and decks, as they can be used to cover large areas and they’re easy to install on the outside of your home.

Should I be wary of DIY external plantation shutter kits?

The DIY kit comes with everything you need to install the external plantation shutters, including instructions for installation. However, if you’re not an expert carpenter or handyman and don’t have the right tools to do it yourself, it’s best to leave this job up to someone who does.

Our experts at Dynamic Home Enhancements are happy to help with any aspect of your renovation project – from sourcing the best products, and materials through to a no-fuss installation – so don’t hesitate when calling on their services! Having a no-stress option will save time, energy, and money in the long run.

Are plantation shutter materials weatherproof?

Aluminium plantation shutters are a great option for external shutters, as well as internal and bi-folded or casement-style plantation shutters. They’re strong and durable, so they can withstand harsh weather conditions without fading or being damaged by rust. The material also helps to protect your home from heat loss during winter months by keeping heat inside the house while keeping cold air out of it at night when temperatures drop below freezing point outside.

How can Dynamic Home Enhancements help you?

If you’re interested in external plantation shutters, then we can help. We have a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, so whatever your taste or budget is, we’ll have something for you!

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Alan D
Alan D
Cannot fault the team at Dynamic! Great service and quick professional install. Was looking for a solution to block out the heat & provide security and these shutters do exactly that. Thanks for everything guys you'll hear from me again in the future.
Dynamic did a great job from start to finish! The consultant who came to my home was informative and thorough. The team kept me up to date with when installation would take place. Also, the installers did a great job and made sure to clean up afterwards. There was a slight issue, however, they were quick to rectify once I let them know. I've always been skeptical of roller shutter companies as they approached me via door knocking. But after everything happened it was a phenomenal job. Would highly recommend
Jake Reynolds
Jake Reynolds
Unreal service and quality roller shutters! My experience with this company is something I’ll never forget. From the first point of contact until after installation I was amazed how easy, simple and fast the process was. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking at getting roller shutters to contact Dynamic Roller Shutters. Thanks again guys, you’re awesome!!
Georgina Johnson
Georgina Johnson
My partner and I just received our second installation of blinds through Dynamic and cannot reccomend the company enough. The sales team and installation team provided really good customer serivce and was really professional. Since having the blinds, we have noticed a huge imrpovement in regards to our house being warmer for longer periods of time and cooler in the summer.
Verliek Mcleod
Verliek Mcleod
On time, efficient, job was done well Installers were good blokes Very happy!

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