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DHEGroup are one of the best recommended roller shutters Perth installation companies servicing areas across Perth and Western Australia. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service for all your commercial and window roller shutter needs from quote to completion. We are your go-to trusted roller shutter company for unbeatable prices, quality products and quick installation.

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Window Roller Shutters provide an easy, cost effective and efficient solution for controlling light and providing a safe and secure environment for your family home or business premises. Take the worry away with our expert roller shutter Perth services. Allow us to help you stay in control of your safety and comfort and experience your home without security worries and concerns.

Australian Made Roller Shutters

Our commercial roller shutters are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia, Fitted locally by our expert roller shutters Perth installers. We aim to provide a cost effective solution and a quick expert roller shutter installation service for home owners and businesses looking for high quality roller shutters in Perth.

Expect our professional roller shutters Perth services to provide the ideal solution for home owners and businesses looking to increase security for their properties, provide noise reduction, help reduce bills by off setting energy costs, add privacy, in addition to heat and light control for their properties.

DHEGroup are leaders in designing, building and supplying external roller shutters, window roller shutters, electric roller shutters, window shutters and security roller shutters for both commercial and residential properties across Perth and Western Australia.

As one of the leading commercial and window roller shutter specialists involved in the manufacturing and supplying of shutters, we help you cut down costs by providing a full service that can be customised to suit your individual needs. We understand that when it comes to roller shutters, no home or business is the same.

Focus On Customer Service

We deploy a customer first approach when it comes to providing the best roller shutters in Perth. A customer of DHE Group can expect a full tailored custom solution from our team. We take care of the whole process from first contact and measurement of the area to quotation and selection of commercial roller shutter styles and options, right through to installation and completion.

As a customer of DHEGroup’s Perth services, we will visit your residential property or commercial premises at a suitable time for you, discuss your needs in depth and what options are available for the type of roller shutters that you need.

DHEGroup offers a free no obligation quote within Perth and Western Australia for all our commercial and window roller shutter services. We are confident that we can provide the best customer service for a wide range of roller shutter selection and installation.

Contact Us now through email for a free no-obligation quote on our Perth roller shutters or cal us on tel: 130034347689.

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Why Our Roller Shutters Are Better

DHEGroup are experts at providing unbeatable customer service coupled with designing high quality roller shutters for both residential and commercial properties for Perth residents.

By designing a wide variety of commercial and window roller shutter in Perth sourcing our own high quality materials and being involved in the process from the very start of our customers journeys we get recommended through word of mouth for our excellent customer service and free professional advice.

Our Roller Shutters Perth Service Areas

2/9 Glory Rd, Gnangara, 6065, Western Australia

From our Perth office in Western Australia, Gnangara within the City of Wanneroo we provide roller shutter Perth services in, Thornlie, Dianella, Armadale, Applecross, Greenwood, South Perth, Morley, Nedlands, Canning Vale, Marangaroo, Willagee and across all other Perth Suburbs.

We have a full team and workshop that is equipped to provide door to door quotations and expert advice for best roller shutter services. If you live in a Perth suburb not listed above then don’t worry, we provide services across the whole of Perth and Western Australia.

FAQs Roller Shutters Perth

What Is the Cost of Roller Shutters in Perth?

The cost of window roller shutters in Perth depends on the window size, design, and materials used. It also depends upon your choice of colors (white, black, charcoal, beige, and cream) along with the powder and customized coatings, controls (remote control, 12-volt smart drive, electric switch, or manually winding), fitting style, and house construction.

What Is the Cost of Roller Shutters in Perth?
The cost of window roller shutters in Perth depends on the window size, design, and materials used. It also depends upon your choice of colors (white, black, charcoal, beige, and cream) along with the powder and customized coatings, controls (remote control, 12-volt smart drive, electric switch, or manually winding), fitting style, and house construction.
Where to buy roller shutter motors in Perth?
You can buy roller shutters in Perth at the DHE Group, which has branches across Adelaide, Perth, and Cairns, and Central Coast.
How strong and durable are Perth roller shutters provided by DHE Group?
Commercial roller shutters in Perth are manufactured with rust-free and marine-grade aluminum, durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions for a high-end investment.
Who can help with everything regarding roller shutters in Perth?
Thanks to our trusted and dedicated customer service team, you will find us approachable for all your concerns.
Will the colour of your window roller shutter in Perth fade or peel?
Window roller shutters in Perth price will not discolor or fade as the shutters undergo a pre-treatment, base coat, and a clear lacquer coat along with chosen colors.
Are shutters suitable for both commercial and residential properties?
Our best roller shutters in Perth are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. They are popular in workplaces as they add security without causing high budget costs.
How can I get my commercial roller shutters in Perth installed?
You will have qualified and skilled technicians to install window shutters in Perth and controllers in your house.
What type of motor do you use in roller shutter Perth?
We have a European-made motor named SIMU, or a 240 volt DC motor for efficient use.

Roller Shutters Benefits

Heat Reduction

According to the climate statistics from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology the temperature Western Australia have historically reached 40 degrees Celsius. With temperatures during the summer months in Perth often hitting highs of 30 degrees on a regular basis.

While this heat can often cause discomfort in the home. 

Roller shutters Perth are the perfect solution to provide summer insulation and help reduce the temperature and heat for homeowners.

Our window roller shutters Perth can provide excellent climate control for your home or business. With customers often reporting homes being between 10 degrees and 15 degrees, or up to 30% cooler after having window shutters installed.

Keeping roller shutters down while out at work or away will result in a much cooler and comfortable home when you return. The commercial roller shutters Perth reflect heat away keeping the temperature inside your home at a much more acceptable level allowing some escape from the summer heat.


One of the major benefits that come from the installation of roller shutters at your home or business is the increased security and reduction of possible offenses towards your property. Did you know that for the year 2019-2020, there was 113,936 criminal offenses reported against properties in Western Australia.

As stated by the Western Australian Police Force, property offenses include stealing, dwelling burglarly, non-dwelling burglarly and property damage. 16,222 of these offenses committed reported were dwelling or home burglaries.

We understand how important you home is, with our roller shutter perth services we can help offer protection against intruders and criminal activity by preventing windows becoming a point of entry for opportunist individuals. Our shutters are strong, durable provding year-round protection so you have peace of mind when you are away from your home.

Business owners or commercial properties can also benefit from the added security of security shutters or commercial roller shutters as they are designed to withstand alot of force.

Energy Savings

The installation of roller shutters in your Perth home can have a positive impact on the cost of running your home. With shutters providing insulation in both Summer and Winter, roller shutters can aid in the reduction of energy bills by up to 40%.

Foam within roller shutters are energy efficient, stopping heat loss in the winter when it’s important to retain as much heat as possible. This retention of heat allows you to spend less on heating your home through the colder months.

While they have the opposite effect in the warmer, summer months as they act as heat reflectors which allows property owners to keep their home cool and comfortable while reducing the annual energy bill.

Privacy and Light Control

Experience complete control of your privacy through the installation of roller shutters in your Perth home or business. One of the benefits of getting home shutters installed is that along with the additional privacy you can now control how much light comes into your home.

Allowing you to adjust the shutters to let in more natural light or less. Making shutters the perfect addition to your home when you are worried about the lack of maximum privacy and getting the balance of light suitable for comfortable living.

Get excellent privacy options and ensure maximum privacy within your home with a wide range of best roller shutter services available in Perth.

Noise Reduction

External noise pollution can be an unwanted nuisance in any Perth home. Escaping from busy day to day life to relax at home is the desire of many home owners. However noise pollution from outside the home can shatter this peace and tranquillity and sometimes in extreme circumstances, makes living in a certain home unbearable if noise pollution is constant and disruptive.

Roller shutters Perth can provide a noise barrier to your home which helps prevent outside sources of noise pollution entering the home. When accurately installed, window roller shutters Perth can help to reduce noise from between 50% up to 80% from external sources. Depending on the thickness gauge of the shutters – which correlate to the effectiveness of the levels of noise reduction achievable.

With our noise reduction best roller shutters Perth solutions you can expect to reduce external noise from the likes of nearby construction, schools or business areas, noisy neighbours, transport links and roads.

Bushfire Protection & Storm Protection

You can feel confident in our bushfire rated roller shutters for your home, extensively tested by CSIRO against simulated severe bushfire conditions, observers recorded no signs of ignitions or flaming from our shutters during these simluation tests.

Protection against bush fires your home from excessive and sudden heat prevents fire embers and flames from breaking through entry points and withstanding heat exposure in the range of 40kw/m2 for 1 hour. We are proud providers of Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL40), bushfire shutters for both commercial and residential properties.

The Australian conditions can vary from month to month, sometimes an ultimate all-weather protection solution is needed to help protect australian homes. Our commercial roller shutters Perth can offer reliable protection from strong winds and excellent protection from storms.

Thick roller shutters can aid in providing extra protection from rain and the additional protection from the elements including storms, hail, UV protection and day to day protection for your property.

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