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Australian made security roller shutters direct from our factory, selling to domestic homes across Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Central Coast and Sydney.

Are Roller Shutters a good idea?

The short answer. YES!

Roller shutters solve so many problems that come with living in a climate such as Australia.

Many warmer regions of the world have made use of window shutters and have done for centuries.

European and Mediterranean climates adopted wooden outside shutters, which have evolved over time to become aluminium roller shutters of today.

beat the heat with roller shutters

What are the Features and Benefits of Window Roller Shutters

Reduce Heat green check mark

Significantly reduce temperature in home on hot days by blocking sunlight coming through the window.

Energy Savings green check mark

This in turn means you dont need to have your air conditioning on full all day long, saving huge amounts of energy, in times of rising energy bills.

Insulation green check mark

Roller shutters are also very useful during the winter months, adding an extra layer of insulation, which stops condensation, drafts and air escaping windows.

Security green check mark

The obvious security benefits of commercial roller shutters are well known on commercial premises. Adding roller shutters to your home adds greater security that will deter thieves and stop them in their tracks. Breaking through security shutters is not easily achieved.

Noise reduction green check mark

When your roller shutters are down, you can benefit from a significant noise reduction. Perhaps you live near a busy road, or have a loud dog barking next door.

Live in peace and quiet in any room of your house!

Light control, privacy and air flow green check mark

Roller shutters provide maximum level of privacy in your room and are able to stop at any height on the window. This is also good for maintaining air flow and light control.

Why choose Dynamic Roller Shutters?


As one of the largest independent roller shutter manufacturers in Australia, the DHE Group offers you the best range and the best advice on quality custom made roller shutters.

We are proud to be Australian, and all of our shutters are 100% Australian made and manufactured on site, which allows us to guarantee only the highest quality products will be fitted to your home.  

As a large manufacturer, we have excellent buying power and can offer you highly competitive, factory direct prices.

Dynamic Home Enhancements

Domestic Roller Shutter Expertise.

Our company vision is one of the reasons for our high reputation and unmatchable reviews on product review.

Learn more about our roller shutter company with this short video…

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Types of Aluminium Roller Shutters

Domestic Shutters

Our domestic window shutters are the best roller shutters for available for Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Central Coast residents.

Suitable for;
first & second storey, bay window, large or small windows.

Our sales teams will help you decide on the most suitable options available

are roller shutters good for security

Get a roller shutter quote today and save big with Dynamic Roller Shutters

Control Types

Our roller shutters look sleek and stylish and are easy to operate with a super smooth gliding action.

They come with the choice of;

Manual Roller Shutters
Battery Roller Shutters
Electric Roller Shutters

Commercial Roller Shutters

Our commercial roller shutter options are suitable for premises that require security shutters, and include additional options such as key-lock.

Our roller shutter control types for commercial are similar to our domestic offering. Our sales team will talk through the best control types and motor variations to ensure the best performance of your roller shutters.

Bushfire Roller Shutters

Our options for bushfire roller shutters include full BAL 40 protection for windows, which is an essential part of protection from bushfires and the current highest offering available.

We suggest giving us a call to discuss options for bushfire roller shutters with our roller shutter expert near you.

Dynamic Home Enhancements for Roller Shutters

Our huge range of custom-made roller shutters made in our factories in Australia includes specialised bushfire rated roller shutters and storm and cyclone roller shutters.

We offer a superb range of colours to suit your home or business, and to make things super easy and convenient we bring the range to you. We have plenty of samples to touch and feel.

These sample shutters also include all the colour ranges we do and we help you choose the perfect colour to match your specific home style.

There are lots of photographs for inspiration as well as all the technical details on your chosen roller shutters.

Our roller shutters come with a complete 5-year warranty covering parts, labour and installation.

To make the whole process easier all our products are available with 50 months, no interest, no deposit finance (subject to approval).

Our trusted team of professionals are always on hand for your convenience and our phone lines are open seven days a week.

Leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can!

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