Window roller shutters can be the perfect addition to your home when perfectly installed in your windows and doors. However, with so many options available in the market, sometimes it is hard to select the right one. Keep reading this guide to choosing the best roller shutter installation for your home before getting yours.

Roller shutters benefits:

Roller shutters are one of the best investments in your home because of their amazing benefits. In fact, by having them installed you and your loved ones can be protected against severe weather events. They can also help reduce costs on energy bills due to their isolation properties, and can even protect your home against heat, cold, and noise.

Manual or electric roller shutters: Which one choose?

Depending on your specific needs, style and budget, you can choose between those two options. Both of them will offer the same benefits and the only difference is the operating system for your roller shutters.

For example, Manual roller shutters are operated by hand using a crank or winder. Motorized roller shutters are electrically powered, using either a remote control or an automatic opening and closing system.

At Dynamic Home Enhancements, one of our team members will come to you to walk you through the many options available and give you the best advice based on your requirements, home style and budget.

How is the roller shutter installation process?

There are two different ways how roller shutters can be fitted: outside or inside the window opening. 

If you decide to have them outside, the installer needs to ensure that they look flush with the wall around the window. Otherwise, the shutters can be installed inside the window alcove so they will look framed by the wall around it. Just ask your installer what is the best option to add an extra touch of style and beauty to your windows.

The best roller shutter installation is from DHE Group
The best roller shutter installation is from the DHE Group

Roller shutters colours, styles and materials:

Nowadays, roller shutters come in different colours, styles and materials that will add a touch of beauty to your home.

When you book a FREE consultation and measurement with us, one of our experts will come to your place and show you the different shades available that can perfectly match the style of your front house.

The best roller shutter installation is from Dynamic Home Enhancements:

At DHE Group, we offer the best range and advice on quality custom-made roller shutters. At the same time, we also manufacture, install and repair Outdoor blinds and plantation shutters.

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