Here is a guide on how to clean your roller shutters and give them a fresh, brand-new look:

Window roller shutters are always exposed to different elements that might deteriorate their look; therefore, if you want to improve the appearance of your roller shutters and also maintain their good state, removing dust and dirt from them is one of the best ways to do it. 

At DHE Group, we have over 20 years of experience delivering 100% Australian-made roller shutters to families and business owners and, we believe this is the right time to share some of our knowledge with you. 

Why Having Your Roller Shutters In a Good State is Important?

Before diving into our guide on how to clean roller shutters from the inside, it is important to understand why maintaining and repairing roller shutters is crucial. Let’s check some of the reasons:

  1. Safety: A malfunctioning roller shutter can pose a safety hazard to both residents and visitors. For instance, a stuck or jammed roller shutter might prevent a quick exit during an emergency, such as a fire. 
  2. Energy Efficiency: Window roller shutters play a significant role in regulating a building’s temperature. They provide insulation, reducing heat loss during winter and heat gain in summer. In fact, when window shutters are damaged or not operating correctly, this can result in energy wastage and increased utility bills. 
  3. Privacy: Roller shutters also offer privacy, keeping the interior of a building shielded from prying eyes so maintaining and repairing roller shutters ensures that your personal and business space remains private and secure.
  4. Durability: Regular cleaning, maintenance and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of roller shutters. Neglecting maintenance can lead to the need for more extensive and costly repairs down the line. By addressing issues early, you can save money and ensure the long-term functionality of your shutters.
  5. Aesthetics: They are a part of a building’s exterior and can significantly impact its appearance. Damaged or worn shutters can detract from the overall aesthetics of the property. 
  6. Productivity and Comfort: For businesses, roller shutters can enhance the comfort and productivity of employees and customers. When they’re in good working order, they can regulate the amount of light and noise that enters a space. A comfortable and productive environment is essential for the success of a business.
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Guide On How To Clean Roller Shutters From The Inside:

1. Remove dust and hard remains:

The first step to clean roller shutters has to be to wipe away any dust and debris from the shutters. Actually, we advise you to don’t skip this step, especially if your shutters are painted, because tiny and dirty particles can be abrasive and leave scratches if they are not removed before cleaning the shutters.

Just make sure that to do this, you can use a soft and clean microfiber cloth, an old t-shirt or a duster. Also, it is worth mentioning that this first step is also important because it ensures that dust and dirt don’t run down the shutter when wet. If this happens, dust and debris can lodge in cracks and may be difficult to clean. 

Remove any dust and debris from the shutters using a clean microfiber cloth, an old t-shirt or a duster

Pro Tip:

We know cleaning inside the roller shutters can be challenging but not impossible. All you have to do is lower the shutter halfway down and clean the lower part of the shutter from the outside. Then, it will be easy to clean the remaining top half area inside your home through an open window.

2. Remove debris and stains:

All you have to do is mix a mild detergent like dish soap with warm water. Then, using a clean cloth, wipe the surface of your window roller shutter. Just make sure you don’t miss any spots. 

Moreover, we advise you to use moderate pressure and scrub away any stains or remaining dust and debris. Once you finish, spray your window roller shutter with a mix of detergent and warm water and wipe down the roller shutters again. in an up-and-down motion. 

Pro Tip:

When wiping down the modern roller shutters, always do it in an up-and-down motion, as this will prevent the shutter from becoming misaligned.

3. Clean the roller shutter guides with a soft brush:

The next step is to clean between the roller shutter guides. You can do this by using a soft brush and gently cleaning the shutters, removing any remains of dust or debris. Then, you will wipe down the guides using some warm water.

Moreover, before lowering the shades again, allow their guides to dry out completely.

4. Wipe down the surface with clean water:

This is the last step; you will use clean water to wipe down the window roller shutter interior and the exterior surface. It will help to remove any dust, debris and soap that might remain.

Finally, use a clean cloth or clean towel to wipe down and dry the surface. Now, it is time to enjoy your newly cleaned roller shutters.

5. Final cleaning tips:

Last but not least, here is a list of things you should remember next time you are cleaning your modern roller shutters:

  • Clean your roller shutters three times a year to keep them from dust, debris and other elements that can decrease their performance.
  • Don’t spray water directly into the shutter’s headbox to avoid damage.
  • If you are cleaning electric roller shutters, double-check they are fully extended before turning the power off.
  • Don’t use products like WD40 or other mechanical lubricants to clean and improve the shutters. 
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