One of the most common questions from people going through home renovations and who want to implement solutions that will give them a better quality of life for themselves and their families is: roller shutters vs double glazing: which one is better for noise insulation? The truth is that both of them are different options that offer noise reduction solutions. But which one is better? Let’s take a look at them:

Double Glazing:

This window treatment consists of two glass window panels separated by a gap that is sometimes filled with gas to improve their acoustic properties.

Moreover, double-glazed windows work to insulate and soundproof homes, and in some cases, they can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Disadvantages of Double Glazing Windows:

While double-glazing windows offer several benefits, they also have some drawbacks to consider:

  1. Cost: Double glazing can be expensive to install, especially if you have a large area to cover. 
  2. Installation challenges: Proper installation is critical for double glazing to be effective. Poor installation can lead to air leaks, condensation, and reduced energy efficiency.
  3. Maintenance: Double glazing requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to function effectively. Seals can deteriorate over time, and sometimes you might need to reseal or replace the units.
  4. Limited aesthetic options: Double glazing may not be as visually appealing as single glazing options, as it often has a thicker profile. 
  5. Potential condensation: In some cases, double glazing can experience condensation between the panes if the seals fail. This can obscure the view and reduce insulation properties.
  6. Initial window frame condition: If your window frames have any damage or are deteriorating, you may need to replace them, adding to the overall cost.
  7. Noise reduction limitations: While double glazing can reduce noise, it may not be as effective as specialized acoustic insulation methods for areas with extremely high noise levels.
  8. Environmental concerns: The production of double-glazing units and their frames can have a negative environmental impact, and disposal at the end of their life cycle may also be a concern.
white roller shutters for home

Roller Shutters:

Window roller shutters are quite popular in Australia because of their versatility and affordable prices compared to double-glazing windows. Their installation has a silicone sealant that will seal the gap between the window and the shutter and provide noise reduction to the house.

But besides that, outdoor roller shutters offer a wide range of benefits that make them the best option for those going through a home renovation:

Roller Shutter Benefits:

  • Keeping out sunlight: Modern roller shutters are a fantastic option when you are looking to keep your home cool during the summer. As simple as rolling down the shutters on a sunny day, they will block the sunlight going inside the house and help keep the room temperature stable. 
  • In winter, they will keep the hot temperature inside the house, thanks to their extra insulation properties.
  • Energy Saver: Since roller window shutters can help control the room temperature, using the A/C or Heather is a thing of the past. You can save up to 30% on your bills just by installing this window treatment in your home, especially if they are made from PVC or aluminium roller shutters.
  • Security Properties Against Elements: Roller shutters can protect your home against fire if you live in a bushfire-prone area. 
  • Durability roller shutter properties: After investing money in window treatments, you want to ensure they will last, especially when they are installed outside your home and exposed to weather elements. Dynamic roller shutters are the most cost-effective solution on the market.
  • Last but not least, when you have window roller shutters, you protect your furniture, floors and carpets from fading and discolouration produced by sun damage. As you can see, roller shutters are the best solution when considering your next home improvement. 
greenhouse effect sunshine with window roller shutters
greenhouse effect sunshine with window roller shutters
external roller shutters for windows
external roller shutters for windows

Why You Should Install Roller Shutters For Noise Insulation?

Window roller shutters that offer noise insulation are not merely a luxury but a necessity in the modern world. They contribute to a quieter, more comfortable, and healthier living environment, benefiting physical and mental health while also enhancing productivity and overall quality of life.

best roller shutters are from Dynamic Home Enhancements
The best Australian roller shutters are from Dynamic Home Enhancements

Double Glazing vs Dynamic Roller Shutters:

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