Do Roller Shutters Reduce Heat?

Yes, roller shutters reduce heat significantly in the home.

The effect they have has been known about for centuries, but how they operate and look has changed a lot over this time. External plantation shutters were made of wood and could be closed to stop light oming into the home.

This has been done for centuries in mediterranean countries in Europe and other parts of the world. Obviously over the more recent years the way these look has changed, and now covering windows using aluminium roller shutters is now the best practice in terms of heat.

There are also added benefits to jsut stopping the heat, they have siginficnant home security, and are often searched for just for this feature they bring to a home. Known as “Security shutters” to many, and “Rolling shutters” also, they provide much needed security that was usually only used as commercial roller shutters in more recent years.

Having a domestic roller shutter option is extremely good for modern times, and brings the ultimate shutter solution to the Australian market.

How much heat do roller shutters reduce?

Roller shutters reduce the amount of heat in your home by stopping light coming through the window.

This light will turn into heat in the home, in the same way that a car will get hot because of the light going through the window.

By having window coverings you eliminate the root cause of the heat and in turn save huge amounts on your air conditioning, and electricity.

Do roller shutters insulate?

Yes, by adding roller shutters to your window you signifnianctly reduce the airflow that is able to enter and escape your home.

Reducing draughts, and condensation that occurs in a home.

An extra layer of protection from the cold is always welcome, and you can have the roller shutters halfway up or down or anywhere in between to adjust how much airflow you want in the home.

Do shutters keep room cool?

Yes, your room will be very cool when you have roller shutters down.

They eliminate sunlight coming through the window, which is why your room will get very hot in the Australian climate.

Especially in summer. Window roller shutters will eliminate the root cause of the problem with rooms not staying cool, which is especially good if you sleep during the day.

A sleeping baby for example or someone working night shifts.

Or simply just a way to cope with unbarable heat of the day coming through a particular window in the house.

Do roller shutters keep cold out?

Yes, because of the added insulation that roller shutters have on a window you get the bonus impact of keeping cold air out of your home, and in turn reducing heating bills.

If you run your hand near the window it may feel colder than other places in the house.

This is the exchange of thermal energy happening.

The exchange of heat is reduced when you have roller shutters installed on the home.

The insulation foam inside the roller shutter slats are especially good for added insulation, which many roller shutter companies do not include in their roller shutter product.

This makes them weaker strength and lower ability to insulate.

Do shutters keep your house warmer?

Yes, by ensuring your keeping your home insulated your home becomes much warmer and you rely less on heating and rising energy bills to keep your home warm.

A warm room will remain warmer for longer with less energy if draughts and areas of heat loss are reduced in the home.

A window is the number one area of a house where heat will escape. So installing roller shutters is key to keeping your home warmer throughout the year.

Do roller blinds keep heat in?

Roller blinds, much like roller shutters will keep heat inside your home by reducing the easiest route for air flow to escape the home.

Air flow is similar to water in the fact that the easiest route to take. Water runs down the most efficient route down a hill, but air will flow in and out of the house and exit through the windows.

You will notice this effect if you have the front door open and back door open, and the air flow going through the house can ensure your house stays cooler in the summer.

By adding roller blinds, you are making that route harder for the air to escape. It may take a different route, but the air will have much less optimum of a route to escape by installing roller blinds.

Do plantation shutters block out heat?

In a similar way to roller shutters, plantation shutters are a type of window shutter that can be used to block light coming in to the home and warming up a room.

By eliminating the light coming into the home you stop the heat at the source and in turn stop heat from building up and making you uncomfortable.

Relying less on air conditioning is key to saving energy and blocking out the heat at the root is the most efficient way to do this.