It is a sad fact of life that we are obliged to protect our property from others who may wish to take advantage of our absence. Many burglaries are influenced by opportunist thieves who see a potential point of entry and take a chance there may be something in the building – whether a home, commercial or industrial premises – that might be worth taking, and it is this opportunity that we have to eliminate.

For those of us who travel a lot – you might be away from home for work often – the worry that someone will notice you are not at home and break in and steal your belongings is a very real one, so what can you do to increase security around the house, when you are away? Let’s explore some options:

Security Systems

  • A good alarm system is an option, and by that, we mean one that senses movement around the perimeter.
  • Alarms work well as a deterrent. However, a chancer might still have a go for an evident empty home.
  • Outdoor lights that come on when movement is detected are also a great choice, but as mentioned before, they may not be completely effective if someone is determined to break in. 

As you can see, to add security to your home, you will need something not only to deter the criminals from getting into the house but also will make it impossible. The answer lies in roller shutters.

Why Roller Shutters Are Perfect For Security

The best roller shutters Adelaide homeowners can get are those ones that provide the right level of protection and, at the same time, can be rolled away when not needed. 

The roller shutter provides two levels of deterrent: 

  • First, it will be evident that the home is protected by the strong metal shutters so, it will be almost impossible for a burglar to break in.
  • Second, it is not worth a thief taking the time to try and get past the shutters for fear of being spotted or heard.

Imagine that you are a thief and opt to go through a window so it will be much easier to break in when you just have to get through the glass or an accidentally left open window, right?. Let me tell you, if a roller shutter presents itself, the only way of getting through is to make a LOT of noise. Believe me when I say the thief will always prefer a house without the shutters.

Types of roller shutters

Roller shutters come in a range of colours and sizes, and some models provide different levels of security. Not all are bare metal, as you might expect industrial roller shutters to be. They are available in white, brown and black in general, but a mixture of colours is also available to Dynamic Home Enhancements customers. You can have them made to measure for your windows so they fit precisely and provide visible protection whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing.

As the shutters are fitted on the outside of the building they do not take up any room inside the house. Only the control, which is either manual, electric or battery-operated, is set on the wall.

It’s worth talking to your Dynamic Home Enhancements installer for the best information and advice on fitting roller shutters to all the potential entry points around the home, so give us a call right now and our customer service team will be more than happy to help.