1. Escaping the heat with roller shutters

It is vitally important to have an escape from the heat, especially throughout summer. In northern Europe, it is common for homes to be very hot during the summer months because homes are so well insulated. The focus is more on heating the home and getting through the cold winters and chilly spring and autumn seasons.

The problem in Australia is very much the opposite. There are far warmer months and specifically, the sunlight coming through the window can cause the temperature in your home to heat up dramatically, just like how it works in a car or greenhouse. This means there is a huge requirement for an air conditioning unit to move the heated air out of the home.

The same effect happens to a glass window in the home. Image source: https://socratic.org/questions/why-on-a-sunny-winter-day-is-a-greenhouse-with-transparent-glass-walls-much-warm

Australia is one of the hottest climates in the world, and this effect is happening all day every day (when the sun is shining!)

2. Glass dramatically increases the temperature of your home, which costs more in your electricity bills

Just like sitting in a car with no air conditioning. The glass in your car turns the UV light into infrared light, which increases the temperature inside through radiation.

Unless you are able to decrease the temperature with air conditioning or adequate ventilation the temperature will simply increase to uncomfortable levels.

The associated costs with relying on air conditioning to cool the car down mean more consumption of fuel in a vehicle, or likewise in your home, a significant cost increase in energy bills will coincide.

3. Temperature increases quickly over time in a vehicle

In Australia, during the summer months, it could cost you thousands of dollars per month if you are having to put air conditioning on all throughout the season. You may think “are Roller shutters are expensive?”, however, they more than pay for themselves in terms of saved energy costs (which are rising at a dramatic rate in recent years)

If the air conditioning were to fail, or if there is a power outage then any room in someone’s home with a large window facing the sun could have real issues with rising temperatures.

Having a safe haven from the heat is vitally important in any scenario. It makes sense to ensure that you are covered in all situations all year round with a suitable solution for the changing seasons, temperatures and weather.

How to escape the heat during the summer with Roller Shutters

During the summer months roller shutters offer a solution that does not rely on mains power and provides a simple yet important solution to homes in Australia.

Once installed they have little to no energy cost to function.

Roller shutters work by covering the windows externally with a covering that reflects the sunlight and stops UV light from getting into the window. Stopping the heat from the source.

Polyurethane foam was injected into the slat during the roll-forming process. It’s the highest insulating foam on the market, which allows you to save up to 40% on your energy bill but also stops up to 90% thermal transfer of energy through the window.

Most importantly it dramatically reduces the temperature in the room and makes the whole house much easier to temperature control, whilst relying much less on air conditioning and saving massively on energy bills.

Roller Shutters can keep you and your home safe in the worst of storms Australia has to offer

You can of course cover the windows outside with fabric or something less significant. But it just does not compare to having roller shutters which are far more an aesthetically pleasing solution that provides a practical solution at the same time.

Roller shutters also have huge benefits with storm protection and give protection from bushfires.

Bushfire rated roller shutters
Bushfire-rated roller shutters

Being prepared for the worst of the storms in Queensland with Roller Shutters

If there is a storm approaching then it’s good to have a plan and roller shutters enable you to reduce the chances of high winds causing damage to windows.

Since 2010 there have been over 298 severe storms in South Australia, 539 in Victoria, 1496 in New South Wales, 983 in Queensland, 11460 in Western Australia, 96 in Tasmania and 206 in Northern Territory.

 Source Bom.gov.au

4. Added benefits of noise reduction

Roller shutters add the benefits of noise reduction, which is highly beneficial if you live in an area with lots of traffic driving past on a daily basis. The roller shutters offer insulated solutions, which are specifically designed to reduce the impact of cars and other loud vehicles such as trains and trucks.

If you are unfortunate enough to have car headlights or streetlights coming through your window then having roller shutters can completely stop the impact of bright light these have at night time as well as give the temperature control that roller shutters provide.

Overall dynamic roller shutters are perhaps the most diverse solution to many of the problems of living in Australia and hot countries in general. Their popularity has grown significantly in the last few decades and a competitive market for roller shutters is emerging.

Dynamic Home Enhancements for Roller Shutters in Australia

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