Roller shutters solve many problems for the household.

  • Security
  • Noise
  • Light
  • Privacy
  • Heat

These are just some of the huge benefits you can get from having roller shutters installed.


Can roller shutters be broken into?

Roller shutters provide an extra layer of protection to windows and other access points in the home. Roller shutters installed on the windows mean that it’s going to be a lot harder for a criminal to get through the window, especially without making a lot of noise by using loud machinery or tools.

Can you cut roller shutters?

Cutting roller shutters is possible, however in order to cut them in the manufacturing process heavy saws are used which make very loud noises. You wouldn’t be able to cut through with a handsaw or easily take the shutter apart. It is important to ensure that any roller shutter is made of high quality aluminium. Cheaply made shutters are likely to be less secure than others.

Can you force open a roller shutter?

Forcing a roller shutter open is also going to be a tricky process. In order to do it you need to be able to manipulate the motor somehow in order to begin winding the shutter up. In order to do this, a criminal will have to break into the sealed box and manipulate the motor of the roller shutter in order to wind it. A manual roller shutter may be less secure than a motorised roller shutter in this instance. If you had heavy-duty tools it might be possible to break components of the shutter in order to break through them but again it will make lots of noise and be a very risky move for any criminal. Breaking into a window with no roller shutter will always be much easier.

Are houses with roller shutters harder to break into?

Yes, roller shutters even act as a deterrent for criminals, they are much less likely to want to even begin to attempt a break-in through a window if there are roller shutters on the door.

A criminal if given a choice between identical houses will choose to break into the one without the shutters, as it is an extra layer that they have to get through and makes it unnecessarily hard for them to break into the home.

How much do security roller shutters cost?

Roller shutters vary in price massively, depending on the quality of the product and components such as the motor, the slats, insulation, materials such as aluminium. There are also key things like width, height, and whether the shutters are on the second story or not. 

Typically a roller shutter might cost between $800 and up to $3000 per shutter. Being manufactured in Australia is usually a sign that you have a quality product and also one that is not going to be several weeks or months from being installed on your home as they are manufactured away overseas.

When were roller shutters first developed in Australia?

Shutters have been around since ancient Greece and had unique characteristics during Tudor England. Shutters were always designed to keep homes secure, keep light out whilst keeping a breeze flowing through the home. Modern-day roller shutters have only come about since the late 20th Century, with electrical methods of using shutters its makes the products totally different from what was possible many centuries ago. Roller Shutters technology, especially materials have evolved over time, with strong aluminum and high-tech materials that keep the rooms insulated with foam that has been a game-changer in the industry.

Extra tips for keeping your home secure

Its important to keep your home secure, this means that even if you have roller shutters installed it’s a good idea to keep windows locked from the inside, this means even if a criminal broke through a shutter and was that determined they are going to have to break the window in order to get through that opening.

Obviously keeping doors locked, including back or side doors is important and might often be forgotten about.

Adding a security door can be advantageous, the privacy screen gives extra peace of mind when answering the front door as the homeowner can see the person at the door but the person knocking is unable to really see the homeowner. Keeping your security door and front door locked is a good idea, they are usually easily locked with a simple bolt near the handle.

There are also many camera options available on the market that are inexpensive and don’t require huge amounts of configuration and setup and can work over your home wifi. These are good for gathering evidence of any crimes, especially ongoing harassment or targetting that someone might be receiving.


Do roller shutters reduce and block out noise?

Roller shutters have insulation between each roller shutter slat, which means that loud noises outside are going to have a tough time penetrating through the aluminium, the insulation and the window. Each layer absorbs or reflects the sounds that are able to get into the home. 

Are Roller Shutters good for road noise reduction?

Roller shutters are very good for road noise reduction, interestingly when you go along a street that is next to a busy road, you might notice a lot of the residents have shutters installed for precisely this reason. The road noises can be loud and never ending, even though the night some roads can still get traffic often, so its important to do what you can to block out the road noises.

Sound travelling through the window is very annoying, glass does often not provide much in the way of protection from the noise. With roller shutters all the way down and securely and correctly fitted the most harsh noises from the road will be diminished greatly. The only sounds that will still penetrate will be the very low or bass sounds, which travel through just about everything. (You may remember hearing loud music in the distance and the bass or low notes really carry very well) People in Australia experience huge reductions in noise levels by having roller shutters installed they are highly recommended for anyone who lives near a road.

Do roller shutters reduce noise from a dog barking?

Yes, roller shutters will reduce the noise from dog barking. The noise from a dog can be very loud and annoying and no one wants to listen to it all day. It can be awkward to tell the neighbour not to let their dog out because of the noises it makes. They dont want to keep the dog in. So a solution that you can get at home is simply having roller shutters installed on areas of the home you spend the most time where the problem is the worst.

A dog bark consists of a lot of mixed but mostly higher-pitched sounds and with roller shutters, very little of the sound can get through. You can really notice the difference with roller shutters up vs down. The absorption of the sound through the insulation is what makes a huge difference to whether it will come through the window shutter or not. Ensure that your roller shutters are insulated with the highest grade foam, just like Dynamic Roller Shutter products to get the most out of your roller shutters.

Light Control

Are aluminium roller shutters complete blackout?

Yes roller shutters block out all of the light coming through a window, even during the brightest of days with sun directly facing the window. The only thing that would stop it from being 100% blackout would be the side of the roller shutters, which need to be installed correctly in order to get the 100% blackout effect.

Can you see out of the window with roller shutters?

Its possible to have the shutters down and then lift them very slightly which will show gaps through each slat. This allows you to see out of the window with roller shutters down and if you are close enough to the gap you can see through a bit like a spy hole on a door. Generally speaking, if you want to see out the window fully you would roll the shutter up enough to be able to see comfortably, or keep it open or close it again when you are done.

By having control over the light coming into your home it gives many advantages especially with privacy and heat control in summer months.

How do roller shutters give you privacy?

Roller shutters can be a good option for privacy especially if your window is on the show to a lot of foot traffic and people walking past, p. Its nice to be able to walk around your home and know no one could be watching you. Roller shutters give you the option to completely blackout the window and ensure that your home is a private place.


How do roller shutters keep heat out?

Yes but perhaps not in the way you might be thinking. Roller shutters are very effective at stopping your home from warming up. The glass windows around your home are the number 1 place where your home will heat up. As light comes in through the window the light turns to infrared which will warm up your home. Much like a car in the sun and no air conditioning, the car will heat up incredibly quickly and it will be so warm in the car within a few minutes. A greenhouse is also similar in how it works, with plants enjoying the humidity that a greenhouse can create.

It’s important to be wary of how heat is created through glass, as it can save you a lot of money in energy bills in the future if you know how to combat it.

A window that is directly in the sun throughout the summer months is going to be a huge problem for excessive heat in your home. By having a roller shutter installed on just one window a typical homeowner could save hundreds of dollars a month by simply having the shutter down during the sunniest part of the day.

As soon as the sunlight comes through the window your whole house is going to warm up and the light also can damage carpets and discolour items in your home especially any left by a window. This is one reason why carpet companies are also offering roller shutters and plantation shutters to their product range.

How do roller shutter keep heat in?

Roller shutters are also good at keeping heat in your home during the colder months of the year. You may have vented heating throughout your home and the most likely place the heat in your home is going to escape from is the windows. By having roller shutters installed on the windows the heat is trapped and is less able to escape out of the window.

Roller shutters are highly insulated with specialist high density foam inside each slat. This means that you have extra layers over your window which stops the heat from escaping.

Add Value

Do Roller shutters add value to your home?

With two homes that are exactly the same and located in exactly the same place where the only difference is one home has roller shutters installed on each window and one doesnt, which one would you be more willing to purchase if they were the same price? 

Adding value doesn’t necessarily mean a fixed price figure for whatever the cost of the roller shutters were. When someone buys a home they are looking for value for money and if the home has additional extras that another one on the market doesnt then it becomes a more attractive offering and may be able to reach a higher asking price than one similar.

Someone looking to buy a property will see the roller shutters, or outdoor blinds on the pergola area outside and see value for money that other homes just dont have.

As people learn about the value roller shutters add to someones home more and more people are buying them. Over the last 5 years, there has been a huge acceleration in the number of people who are wanting or looking for roller shutters throughout Australia. This is because roller shutters solve so many problems for most households that no other home improvement product can resolve.