There’s nothing like spending time outdoors. Whether it be hiking, maybe a day at the beach, or simply just relaxing in an outside area of your own home. Spending time outdoors elevates our mood and gives us a positive feel for the day.

So what happens when you live in a hot climate with stubborn flies constantly swarming you? Maybe the sun is too harsh on your eyes and sensitive skin. It does not matter what keeps you from enjoying more time outside, but there is a long-term solution. Keep reading to find out more!

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are a stylish and innovative way to offer your home the ultimate protection for all your outdoor areas, such as home patios, sunrooms, alfresco spaces and decking. With a range of colours and materials to select, installing outdoor blinds will allow the light to pass through in different ways, creating a seamless indoor-to-outdoor transition. Let’s dive into some of the many benefits they offer for you and your home.

Eating Outside In A Bug-Free Zone:

One of the many perks of having outdoor blinds on your patio or other outdoor gathering areas is how effective they are at keeping the bugs at bay.

While we’ve got to give them some credit for the many great things flies bring to the ecosystem, it doesn’t stop our opinion of them – they are still frustratingly annoying, especially when you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party! When the outdoor blinds are closed, the unwelcome bugs can’t get in to swarm around your tasty bites or go for a swim in your freshly poured glass of wine. Having outdoor roller blinds measured and fitted to size can be a real game-changer, the perfect way to stop the bugs in their tracks.

Goodbye Harsh Sunlight, Goodbye Glare:

Another great benefit of retractable outdoor blinds in your home is they can avoid direct sunlight. When purchasing outdoor roller blinds, there are different levels of shade opacity to select. Opting for 1% opacity will allow almost no light to filter through. However, those who prefer to leave a hint of natural light without fully opening the blinds can go for a lower opacity percentage. Being able to control the amount of sunlight you’re letting in makes a world of difference, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area. 

In addition to awful sunburn or irritating glare, direct sunlight can affect our furniture or fade any items left in its way. Protect yourself, your family and your belongings by having custom-made outdoor blinds fitted for your desired area.

Opt For A More Private Life:

Outdoor blinds can give you privacy without sacrificing your view of the outdoor world. If you’re a sun lover and can’t get enough natural light-filled spaces, but every time you look over to your right you see your nosey neighbour staring you in the face, perhaps it’s time you give yourself a bit more privacy. 

Outdoor blinds offer you the luxury of keeping the beautiful light coming in but still letting you get on with your everyday life in private. These blinds have pinhole structures that allow you to still see the beauty of the outside even when the shutters are down. 

For homes with verandas and balconies, outdoor patio blinds can provide you with privacy. If your neighbour’s lack of gardening skills or untamed yard proves to be a bit of an eyesore, you can block it all out and protect your view for the prettier things in life with an outdoor blind.

Boost Your Home Value:

A great way to add value to your home is by installing a good quality outdoor blind. Whichever style or design you go for, they can perfectly tie together the outdoor interior of your home, making the space appear more modern and luxurious. Such structures that enhance the appearance of any space are what people look out for when buying a house. Even if you’re not planning on selling up right now, it’s a good investment to consider when the time comes, and one that you can experience and make the most of until then.

Installing outdoor blinds in your home or outdoor space can be convenient in so many different ways, it is worth thinking about the type of atmosphere you want to create as there are endless options. You may fancy setting up a shaded area with blinds for your outdoor pool hut, one that protects you from harmful rays, or you may consider turning that unused patio area into an additional room that is functional in both winter and summer. Within moments you can lift or takedown outdoor blinds, allowing you to create the perfect visual and physical barrier between spaces.

We All Love Saving Money:

If you’re like most others these days, you probably spend a fair amount of time trying to come up with ways to lower your electric bill. Outdoor patio blinds can help you save money at home by regulating your indoor temperatures. 

These structures block out the warm rays from the sun, which can reduce the heat from building up inside spaces. Outdoor roller blinds can help maintain indoor temperatures by insulating your home, among other benefits. Install a fitted outdoor blind and you’ll soon see a significant drop in your electric bills.

There are so many reasons to love outdoor blinds with their many benefits, from comfort to cost-savings, to simply just adding a beautiful look to your home. 

With some options to choose from, there is an ideal fit for all. Create the best living experience for you and your family by getting in touch with our team and discovering the perfect outdoor roller blinds for your home.