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Why Choose Dynamic For Outdoor Blinds Adelaide?

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SUPERIOR Customer Service

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Adelaide Outdoor Blinds Specialists.

Dynamic Home Enhancements pride itself on being specialist and the top outdoor roller blinds company in Adelaide.

We serve all areas across Adelaide and South Australia. And a wide selection of outdoor blinds are locally designed and manufactured in our workshop in Adelaide using Australian-made blinds and components.

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Our outdoor blinds are designed by qualified and experienced outdoor blind specialists, which is why you only receive high-quality Outdoor Blinds in Adelaide and top-notch services from us. 

Our products are available at unmatched prices for South Australian homeowners, thanks to our quick installation guarantee after quote acceptance – though this is subject to availability.

Our outdoor blinds are 100% made in Australia from locally sourced materials, ensuring high-quality standards for each client. Again, we are involved throughout the blinds’ journey from design to installation ensuring we have full control over the product quality from beginning to end.

We offer several blind styles that suit both traditional and modern homes, so you should consult our experts for the right awning and outdoor blinds for your home or office. We can even have a design such as a logo or almost anything you like printed onto the fabric.

Our product is suitable as verandah blinds, pergola blinds, outdoor café blinds, outdoor alfresco blinds, bistro blinds, and outdoor patio blinds. Also, we offer customized cheap outdoor blinds Adelaide as per your requirement to ensure you save money and time. 

We have over 11 years of experience installing mesh and outdoor roller blinds Adelaide, as we work with leading alfresco blind brands and suppliers such as Sidetrack, ZipScreen, and EZip.

We always have advised our customers on the best product on the market at the time and this can vary year upon year as new solutions are made possible in the industry. We always strive to be the leading edge for outdoor blinds and provide the absolute best product for our customers.

Contact us through the mail for a free and no-obligation quote on our outdoor blinds Adelaide, or call us on 1300 DHE GROUP or 1300 434 7689.

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Our CustomerFirst Approach as an Outdoor Blinds Adelaide Installation Company


We are a local South Australian outdoor blind installation company that delivers exceptional services from the first consultation meeting to fully installed cheap outdoor blinds Adelaide at your home or office. 

According to our quote to completion service, we work with you throughout to ensure outstanding customer service. 

We offer great outdoor blinds services to our valuable customers. Our team will come to your door to understand your outdoor blinds needs in Adelaide requirement. Get extensive fabric and blind styles options along with expert advice and exact requirements before quoting a price, as customer satisfaction comes first.

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds in Adelaide

Outdoor blind installations come with several benefits, add value and transform your home or an outdoor area into an inviting and comfortable living space. Being a local company, qualitative outdoor roller blinds Adelaide make it an easy and customer-centric procedure. Lightweight and waterproof outdoor awnings come in different colors and are suitable for all weather.

Escape the hot and sunny summer climate, as outdoor blinds Adelaide reflect the heat and keep your home cool. Stylish awnings and mesh fabric outdoor blinds offer rain and ultraviolet protection, even when choosing products for outdoor spaces. Most importantly, transform the indoor and outdoor areas into contemporary and traditional, adding visual appeal and value to the home.

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Summer Insulation

Escape the harsh Australian climate by installing outdoor blinds in your home. Perfect for reflecting heat away and keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Weather Protection

Create unique and enjoyable outdoor spaces with stylish awnings and mesh fabric outdoor blinds that work to provide UV protection and rain protection.

Aesthetic Appeal

Transform your liveable space and outdoor areas with traditional or contemporary style blinds that look great and add value to your home.

Our Process


Contact our approachable Outdoor Blinds Adelaide office, who are delighted to answer your questions about choosing blinds, the right style, or other doubts.

Door To Door Quotation Available

Our experts have arrived at the Adelaide residence at a designated time with our outdoor blind style guide along with other options. With the proper appointment, you would receive a no-obligation quote from our professional team.


Once our quote is accepted, we schedule a particular day and time for our expert outdoor blind shutters. Then, our professionals arrive at your property to install roller blinds in style, which take between one to three hours, depending on the window size and quality.

Our Outdoor Blinds Adelaide Service Areas

Our Factory and Office Headquarters:
22 Pentland Rd, Salisbury South, SA 5106

Located in Salisbury South in Adelaide, we offer personalized outdoor blinds and awnings Adelaide, across South Australia and suburban areas. We have a whole team and workshop that is equipped with a door-to-door quotation for outdoor blind services.

FAQs Outdoor Blinds

How can I clean my outdoor roller blinds in Adelaide and awnings?

Clean your outdoor roller blinds in Adelaide using different methods, which are based on the material used. First, rinse tinted and clear PVC shutters with water, a plastic cleaner, and a clean cloth. Clean with mesh fabric soaked in hot soapy water, a soft broom or cloth, and rinse with water. Canvas must be washed with hot soapy water and cloth and rinsed with water. Afterward, treat it with a fabric waterproofing agent.

How can I clean my outdoor roller blinds in Adelaide and awnings?

Clean your outdoor roller blinds in Adelaide using different methods, which are based on the material used. First, rinse tinted and clear PVC shutters with water, a plastic cleaner, and a clean cloth. Clean with mesh fabric soaked in hot soapy water, a soft broom or material, and rinse with water. Canvas must be washed with hot soapy water and cloth and rinsed with water. Afterward, treat it with a fabric waterproofing agent.

Which is good to use - PVC or Sunscreen Mesh blinds?

Mesh blinds in Adelaide are suitable for the outdoors, as they protect from outside elements such as insects, rain, and wind. In addition, they maintain the required airflow, are available in different colors, and have other weaves for privacy and protection levels. 
On the other hand, PVC outdoor blinds Adelaide are a waterproof barrier to the outdoors, are tinted or clear for confidentiality, and maintain warmth during the winters. However, PVC does not look as good and can add to heat issues in the summer.

Is the council approval necessary for the installation of outdoor blinds?

No, If you do not need council approval for outdoor blinds.

How to take care of installed outdoor roller blinds in Adelaide?

Apart from the general care for mesh and PVC cheap outdoor blinds in Adelaide, do not use pressure washers as it causes sagging and damage. Clean off bird droppings, as they contain chemicals that damage the roller shutters. Allow the roller blinds to dry completely before storage, which prevents moisture from getting trapped.

Do you provide motorized blinds in Adelaide?

Yes, we provide motorized outdoor blinds in Adelaide.

Are your outdoor blinds Adelaide comes with a tracked guide system?

Yes, our outdoor blinds Adelaide come with a tracked guide system.

What type of blinds are available?

At the DHE Group, we have mesh blinds and PVC outdoor blinds. Consult our team for expert guidance if you are unsure about the right outdoor blinds for your alfresco, verandah, and porch. Communicate your requirements, questions, and expectations while showing you different (fabric and control) options and their advantages, show samples, and guide you to an informed decision.

Get a Free Quote from us

Submit your details, and we will get back to you with a free quotation with no obligation, such as your outdoor area, measurements, and the number of blinds.

Our Personalised Outdoor Blinds Service

We aim to make buying outdoor blinds an accessible and welcoming procedure, and we bring home our showroom for your convenience. After a free consultation, we offer a free no-obligation quotation or roof inspection. We work through the first consultation through the final installation, which provides a complete personalized service.

Excellent Workmanship

We highly regard top-notch products and high-end workmanship, as recommended by Ryan Rebbeck, who is our brand ambassador. He knows and trusts our brand and supports our professional team, who offer outstanding products, great value, and honest advice. Our installers are highly qualified, trained, and discerning as they have an excellent eye for detail and customer expectations. At Dynamic Home Enhancements, our team has full builders’ licenses, police clearance, and building code compliances.

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