As the winter season is just around the corner, if you are an outdoor cafe or a restaurant owner, you are probably beginning to worry about losing business due to the cold weather. But what if there was a way to enjoy the outdoor experience while still being protected from the elements?

Keep reading to find how outdoor cafe blinds can be the perfect solution for winter.

What are cafe outdoor blinds?

Cafe blinds are also called outdoor roller blinds, alfresco blinds, bistro blinds and more and are a type of outdoor shading system designed to protect people from the sun, wind, and rain while still allowing for a clear view of the outside. They also protect outdoor furniture from weather elements, from fading or deteriorating.

Outdoor bistro blinds are made of durable, weather-resistant materials and are usually installed outside of a building or business structure. However, you can find some beautiful examples of outdoor blinds for patios or outdoor areas in homes:

Moreover, cafe blinds come in different types and operation systems, depending on the specific needs of the business or establishment. Let’s find what is the best outdoor cafe blind for you:

Types of outdoor blinds:

There are three main types of cafe blinds: clear PVC, tinted PVC, and mesh:

  • Clear PVC blinds are perfect for businesses that want to protect their customers from the wind and rain while allowing them to enjoy the view. 
  • Tinted PVC blinds offer the same protection but with the added benefit of reducing glowing effects and UV rays. 
  • Mesh cafe blinds are ideal for businesses that want to keep out insects while still allowing air to flow through. Even though they are not 100% waterproof outdoor blinds, they still offer some protection from rain.
Beautiful house with outdoor blinds in central Coast NSW
Beautiful house with outdoor mesh blinds in NSW

Operating systems for your outdoor blinds:

Cafe blinds can be operated manually or automatically, depending on your preferences and budget. Let’s explore more about it:

Manual cafe blinds can be raised and lowered by hand using a chain drive system. All you have to do is to pull the chain and then the blind will go up and down.

On the other hand, automatic cafe blinds operate with a remote control or switch and are a great option for those looking to install outdoor blinds on a large window or outdoor area.

Furthermore, some outdoor motorised blinds even come with sensors that can automatically raise or lower the blinds depending on the weather conditions.

Advantages of outdoor cafe blinds in winter:

  1. Protection from the cold weather: Cafe blinds provide a barrier against the cold winter wind, keeping customers warm and comfortable.
  2. Protection from rain: With outdoor blinds, your customers can still enjoy the outdoor experience even if it’s raining.
  3. Energy efficiency: Ziptrack blinds can help to insulate the outdoor seating area, reducing the amount of heat lost and ultimately saving on heating costs.
  4. Extended outdoor seating season: With cafe blinds, businesses can extend their outdoor seating season beyond summer, attracting more customers and increasing revenue.
  5. Aesthetic appeal: Outdoor cafe blinds can add a stylish and modern look to any outdoor seating area, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the establishment.
outdoor ziptrack blinds Perth
Outdoor ziptrack blinds in Perth


In conclusion, outdoor cafe blinds are a wise investment for any business that wants to offer outdoor seating during winter. As mentioned above, they provide many benefits such as protection from the elements, energy efficiency, money savings and aesthetic appeal. With a variety of types and operating systems available, businesses can find the perfect outdoor cafe blinds to suit their needs and budget.

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