Summer is just around the corner, and you possibly are considering buying outdoor cafe blinds. Before making a final decision, it is crucial to consider aspects such as what type of blinds are the best for your outdoor area, what their price is and know more about the specific characteristics of high-quality alfresco blinds.

Follow this guide to learn about things you need to know when buying cafe blinds:

DHE Group cafe blind
Cafe blinds for your outdoor space

1. Difference between cafe blinds and other outdoor blinds:

First things first: Knowing the difference between the different types of outdoor blinds is important. For example, cafe blinds are very effective in protecting outdoor areas against weather elements without compromising your view as they have clear PVC. You might see these blinds in restaurants and cafes when seated outside.

On the other hand, mesh blinds, also known as outdoor roller blinds, have tinted PVC and offer privacy and climate protection, including keeping you safe from the harsh UV rays and mosquitos out the bay in summer. In both cases, mesh and cafe blinds are Zipscreen, Ziptrak or Zip Roll.

2. Research first:

Once you know the differences between the current types of blinds available in the market, now is time to think about the following aspects that will help you choose the best options based on your own needs:

  • What is the purpose of having outdoor cafe blinds installed?
  • Do you want to protect furniture when they are not in use?
  • Are you looking for some extra privacy and security for the outdoor area of your home?
  • Do you want to enjoy your outdoors all year round?

At Dynamic Home Enhancements, when you book your FREE quote and measurement, one of our sales representatives will visit you at home and recommend the best option of patio cafe blinds based on your needs.

3. Set a budget:

As you will realise, there are different types of outdoor blinds and operating systems available, which means their price can vary from one type to another. In addition, another factor to consider is their installation process. Are you looking for DIY outdoor blinds or would you rather have a dedicated company like DHE Group be in charge of the whole process?

Furthermore, as you will see, there are cheap cafe blinds options available in the market, but you need to consider how they will look in two or three years’ time from today. Will, they still look in style or will you need to replace them with new ones? 

Outdoor blinds add extra style and value to your property

4. Other things to think about before buying your outdoor cafe blinds:

There are some extra considerations that will impact the final price of your blinds:

  • Choose the best colour for outdoor blinds to match your home style.
  • Select the best operating system. Do you prefer manual or automatic outdoor roller blinds?
  • Is this a DIY project you will have fun executing or do you prefer to hire a professional company like Dynamic Home Enhancements to get your blinds installed?

The Best Cafe Blinds in Australia are from Dynamic Home Enhancements:

At DHE Group, we have a full range of custom-made outdoor blinds, cafe blinds, and zip screen blinds that come in different colours to match your home style. Even so, we guarantee that your cafe blinds are made with the exact measurements for the perfect fit.

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