The short answer is: YES!

Plantation shutters are one of the most versatile window treatments available in the market that add extra style to any room. Let’s see how our clients are using them in their homes:

Custom-made plantation shutters

Nowadays, plantation shutters are the most popular choice for kitchens. Usually, kitchen windows come in different sizes and shapes and that is why it is important to get the plantation shutters customized for your own requirements. 

At DHE Group, we have a wide range of custom-made shutters for all budgets and offer fabulous materials that give a painted or stained finish to complement your interiors.

Plantation shutters’ shapes and sizes

In addition, depending on the window dimensions and their location, there are some aspects you should consider before having plantation shutters Perth installed. 

For example, shutters with a divider rail or in the double-hung fashion are a great option for bathrooms. In fact, they will allow you to close the louvres at the bottom for privacy, while the top ones can be left open to let the natural light come in. 

Indeed, this function is hard (if not impossible) to achieve with other options like curtains or blinds.

Two windows with Plantation Shutters
Window Plantation Shutters

An extra touch of beauty and style for your home

Furthermore, have you realised how beautiful and uniform a house looks when all the windows on the front have plantation shutters? Well, in fact, having these will also increase your property value. 

Even better, if you want to soften the look of the plantation shutters Adelaide in some of the rooms, all you have to do is to add curtains on top of the shutters. They will give you extra light control and privacy you might need.

The best plantation shutters are from the DHE Group

As one of the largest independent roller shutter manufacturers in Australia, the DHE Group offers you the best range and the best advice on quality custom-made roller shutters.

We are proud to be Australian, and all of our shutters are 100% Australian-made and manufactured on-site, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality products will be fitted to your home.

We have a dedicated team and workshop equipped to provide door-to-door quotations and expert advice for the best plantation shutters in Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle. 

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