One of the most common questions from our clients is how much light can plantation shutters block out? Keep reading to find out the answer:

Plantation shutters are the best option for windows treatment
Plantation shutters are one of the best options for keeping control of the light in your room.

The truth is, even though plantation shutters do not completely blackout, they are one of the best options for keeping control of the light in your room. In fact, a room won’t be totally dark unless it doesn’t have any windows or doors. However, plantation shutters are a great solution to closely achieving that.

Better light control than blinds and curtains:

When comparing the light control effectiveness of curtains or blinds to plantation shutters, the last ones are the clear winner since they can create a dark environment when fully closed. 

Actually, plantation shutters Cairns are better in lighting control than blackout blinds because blackouts are made from fabrics than allow some light to get into the room around the sides or through cord holes. 

How much light do plantation shutters block?

Plantation shutters Central Coast will affect the light coming in as much as you want because they can be adjusted to the angle you prefer to let light into your room. Said that, if you want your room full of light and warm all you have to do is to open the shutters louvres. The lighting sets the room’s mood and will give a big lift to the overall environment of the room.

In addition, plantation shutters combine the advantages of both worlds: privacy and airflow. When you desire privacy (or to block out the light), you may half close the louvres or fully open them. In any case, you will have decent visibility and air circulation.

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