Why does my house get so hot on sunny days?

The biggest reason for a home heating up during hot sunny days isn’t necessarily well known. It often feels very hot inside a home, warmer than it is outside, this is because when sunlight passes through a window (or glass) it has a greenhouse effect and turns the ultraviolet light rays into infrared which in turn heat your room up significantly. Much like sitting in a car on a sunny day, the car gets very hot, very quickly. We all know not to leave a dog in a car and yet we don’t think about how our homes will heat up dramatically in much the same way, especially if your windows face the sun!

Having roller shutters installed on rooms that have a lot of sunshine will dramatically reduce sunlight exposure, which in turn will keep the room and house cooler, which in turn means you are not spending as much on air conditioning. Solving the problem at the root cause gives you the flexibility to adjust your windows when required. Whether its sunlight exposure, light control, sound reduction you can adjust the shutters up and down or anywhere in between to control these levels perfectly.

stopping sunlight coming through your home window with roller shutters

Why would you need to adjust light levels in your home?

Someone may want to have a sleep in the day time, typically having a baby will mean we see young families wanting roller shutters on their windows ready for when the baby wants to sleep during the day. Obviously a hot room that is impossible to keep dark will be much harder for baby to sleep in, which is why a lot of young parents come to us for roller shutters. We also see people looking for a dark room to watch movies, like in a cinema, or for gaming rooms and ensuring you get no glare and a more immersive experience.

Why would someone want to adjust sound levels in their home?

Noisy neighbours are always looking for ways to make more noise! Whether its a loud dog barking constantly day after day, or loud lawn mowers, or cars and motorcycles with loud engines disturbing your sleep on a Sunday morning. We all have experienced these annoying noises. Roller shutters allow you to block out the most harsh noises these things will make. Obviously it wont be 100% blockout of noise like the light blockout levels are, but you will significantly block all the short wave sounds, which basically means you will get low bassey sounds, but noises will be softened and bother you a lot less.

So what is the best way to cover the windows?

The best way to cover your windows is with Roller Shutters. There is simply no other product out there that will give you 100% blockout on an opening on your home. You may be able to reduce about 20% of the effect with blinds, but roller shutters are insulated with foam that ensure that you dont just block all of the light coming into your home, but also all of the heat, much of the worst sound like car noises and barking sounds.

Roller shutters are a great way to ensure your home is multifunctioning and gives you the ability to adjust according to the weather, or your unique environment in your neighbourhood. You may be near a road and want to reduce the sound of cars ongoing throughout the day and night, in fact often you see roller shutters along the front of bush main roads, such as South Road here in Adelaide.


What other reasons do people get Roller Shutters?

The security aspect is often talked about as the main beneficial reason to have Roller shutters installed on your property. This is very important to any home owner considering just how many home invasions or burglaries occur in our country every year. It is a responsible act to protect those in your home and your possessions by simply reducing the chance of a break in occurring.

We always encourage good security practices such as ensuring doors are always locked, windows are closed and checked each night. Also back gate access or backdoor access should be priority to ensure it is protected with screen doors. Window coverings such as roller shutters give an additional barrier and act as a deterrent to criminals thinking of breaking into a window opening or door opening. 

If you were a criminal it would be certainly much more likely you would choose a home without roller shutters as they will be so much harder to break into than an identical home without them