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Generally, roller shutters are very secure and are perfectly suitable to hide and protect any items or valuables that they are placed in front of.

Most roller shutters will deter any criminals or burglars from attempting to break for many reasons. For example, the noise alone of a metal roller shutter would make any attempted break-ins extremely obvious and would give away the location of the criminal immediately.

Furthermore, those attempting to break in would need to bring heavy duty tools and equipment with them in order to get through the roller shutter. They could potentially attempt to cut through the shutter material itself, however this would be extremely loud and time consuming, especially for someone who does not want to get caught breaking in.

The level of security provided by a roller shutter also depends on the material of which the shuttering is composed. There are benefits and disadvantages associated with the various materials to choose from when selecting a roller shutter.

The materials that offer greater security and protection will generally be more expensive as well as being less flexible and, in some cases, more difficult to install. For example, most people will choose either aluminium or steel for their roller shutters. The benefits of steel revolve around the greater resistance it offers in comparison to aluminium. Steel is much more popular for roller shutters in industrial markets, think heavy duty doors and warehouses. Aluminium is more commonly used in residential homes. Its more suitable for domestic because of its lighter material, making it possible to operate manually with a winder box.

Thieves generally look for areas of weakness to exploit in a roller shutter, and upon seeing a strong aluminium roller shutter they are usually deterred from attempting to break through. Roller Shutters undoubtedly offers greater security in a window. The larger the window the heavier the shutter will be and this needs to be taken into consideration when operating the shutter manually or when upgrading the electric motor to suit the weight of the shutter.

While the material of the shuttering itself is important, it is also vital that the other components of the roller shutter are of high quality in order to be as secure as possible. For example, any loose connections or faulty parts in the shutter box may be noticed and targeted by thieves.

Ultimately, roller shutters do provide a strong base level of security, while it is very rare for attempted break ins to occur, when they do the thieves are usually no match for the roller shutter. In areas where crime is more common, greater security measures may be recommended, such as the addition of CCTV and home alarm system. However a high-quality roller shutter will almost always provide adequate security and protection of any openings that a thief may choose to break into the home through.

A thief is always likely going to choose a home without the roller shutters to attempt to break into rather than having an additional layer to get through the home.

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