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Elevate your Perth home with our plantation shutters — designed for elegance and built to last.

Our plantation shutters are tailored to suit any style, for old and modern properties, adding an extra touch of sophistication to any space. Their fantastic insulation properties help regulate heat and cold and reduce energy consumption, making them a great solution for your home or business. Enjoy effortless light control, privacy and low maintenance with our custom-fit options, all backed by a 20-year guarantee.


Window Shutters Perth: Great Value For Money

You can increase the value of your home by installing indoor and outdoor plantation shutters. At Dynamic, our shutters are made from quality materials resistant to humidity, water and cracking, making them a great option to install in moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens while providing style and functionality at the best price. You can choose from a variety of colours, vertical or horizontal louvres and a selection of slat widths to suit your style.

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Why Choose
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From our Clients

Alan D
Alan D
Cannot fault the team at Dynamic! Great service and quick professional install. Was looking for a solution to block out the heat & provide security and these shutters do exactly that. Thanks for everything guys you'll hear from me again in the future.
Dynamic did a great job from start to finish! The consultant who came to my home was informative and thorough. The team kept me up to date with when installation would take place. Also, the installers did a great job and made sure to clean up afterwards. There was a slight issue, however, they were quick to rectify once I let them know. I've always been skeptical of roller shutter companies as they approached me via door knocking. But after everything happened it was a phenomenal job. Would highly recommend
Jake Reynolds
Jake Reynolds
Unreal service and quality roller shutters! My experience with this company is something I’ll never forget. From the first point of contact until after installation I was amazed how easy, simple and fast the process was. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking at getting roller shutters to contact Dynamic Roller Shutters. Thanks again guys, you’re awesome!!
Georgina Johnson
Georgina Johnson
My partner and I just received our second installation of blinds through Dynamic and cannot reccomend the company enough. The sales team and installation team provided really good customer serivce and was really professional. Since having the blinds, we have noticed a huge imrpovement in regards to our house being warmer for longer periods of time and cooler in the summer.
Verliek Mcleod
Verliek Mcleod
On time, efficient, job was done well Installers were good blokes Very happy!

Frequently asked questions

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How much are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are normally priced based on the size of the window and the cost per square metre. It will also be determined by the shutters' style, material, and installation method. 

Read our latest blog about "the cost of plantation shutters in 2024". Also, if you want a FREE measurement and quote you can give us a call at 1300 343 476 or send us a message.

Do plantation shutters block out light?

Plantation shutters are one of the great choices for controlling light in a space. Unlike most blinds and drapes, shutters provide complete control over the amount of light that enters a room while allowing enough air circulation.

Indoor and outdoor plantation shutters are significantly more effective than blinds or curtains at controlling light. In the case of the blinds, there are just two options: open or closed. As a result, there’s no privacy and air movement via the window, or there’s no privacy and air circulation. Similarly, curtains provide only a full block out or a sheer option, compromising privacy and light control.

In conclusion, plantation shutters combine the advantages of both worlds. To learn more if “are plantation shutters blackout?“, read our latest blog.

How to clean plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters may be a lovely addition to your house, giving it just the style you want. But, as with every object you bring home, the reality comes in that you will have to clean it someday and clean it well.

Read our guide on “How to clean plantation shutters at home”.

How to install plantation shutters?

Step 1: Installing the frame.

  • Hidden Frame (Recess Fit): Mark 30mm in from the front of the window frame in three locations on the height and width for a hidden frame. Along the 30mm line, align the hanging strip with the hinge pointing front. Take your time with this stage; it will help the remainder of the installation go much more smoothly. They should be screwed in place. Each hinge should have at least one screw. Line up the light block piece at the 30mm markers and screw it in place - often one on either end and one in the centre is usually enough.
  • Framed Shutter: For a framed shutter, the frames are marked top bottom left and right. To avoid damaging the frame's face, place it face down on a soft surface such as a carpet, rug, or towel. If necessary, tap the frame together with a hammer very gently.
  • Recess Fit Framed Shutter: Line the shutter frame to the front of the window using a straight edge as a guide for a recess fit. The four corners of the frame should be screwed in. Now, for each hinge, add another screw. At least on the four corners and in the centre, screw the top and bottom together.
  • Face Fit Framed Shutter: Line up the top of the frame with the top of the architrave for a perfect fit. The centre top is screwed in first, followed by the two corners. Rep the process on the bottom and sides. Note: Face fit frames are typically made the same size as your architrave. For larger frames, please call 1300 343 476 for advice.


Step 2: Installation of Shutter Panels

Take your shutter panel out of the box. When fully closed, the shutter louvres always face upwards (and the hinge faces forwards), hence this is the left shutter because the hinge is on the left. Place the shutter panel in the hinges and secure it with the hinge pin. Open and close the door to see whether it works.


You can adjust the shutter panel if it is contacting the top or bottom of the window frame by releasing the hinge screws slightly and elevating or lowering the panel. After you've made your adjustments, screw in the locking screw. Insert the cover strip after removing the double-sided tape.

How to pair plantation shutters with curtains?

  • Use Hanging Panel Curtains: Use hanging panel curtains instead of roman shades or roller blinds to gain access to your shutters and let the light in when you wish. You'll get the lovely aesthetic that curtains (in a well-chosen fabric) can provide to a space, and you'll be able to open your shutters by simply pushing your curtains to the side. Another advantage of employing hanging panels is that they can be quickly changed out if your room design changes and you want to introduce new colours and patterns.
  • Mount the Curtains Upward and Outward: To make curtains work best with plantation shutters, use a curtain rod that is long enough to allow you to pull the curtains all the way to the side and open the shutters. Furthermore, according to design best practices, your curtain rod should be mounted considerably above the window frame. Installing a rod closer to the ceiling can make your windows look taller than they are, giving your space more apparent height.
  • Add Tiebacks For A Formal Look: Instead of letting your hanging panels hang straight down, attach tiebacks or holdbacks on either side of the windows for a more fitted effect. Tiebacks are composed of rope, cloth, or another material, and they wrap around the curtain to hold it in place. Holdbacks are installed on the sides of the window frames to keep the curtains from falling out. Hooks are commonly used, however, any item, such as old door knobs, can be used. When the windows are framing an item such as a bay window, bed, or window seat, tiebacks or holdbacks are very commonly utilised.