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Why Outdoor Blinds Can Help You Enjoy Your Outside Area

There’s nothing like spending time together outdoors. Whether it be hiking, maybe a day at the beach, or simply just relaxing in an outside area of your own home. Being able to spend time outdoors elevates our mood and just gives us a positive feel for the day.

So what happens when you live in a hot climate or those stubborn flies are constantly swarming you? Maybe the sun is too harsh on your eyes and sensitive skin. No matter what’s keeping you from enjoying more time outside, there’s a solution.

Outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds are a stylish and innovative way to offer your home the ultimate protection for all your outdoor areas, such as home patios, sunrooms, alfresco spaces and decking. With a range of colours and materials to choose from, installing outdoor blinds will allow the light to pass through in different ways, creating a seamless indoor to outdoor transition. Let’s dive into some of the many benefits they have to offer for you and your home.

Eating Outside In A Bug-Free Zone  

One of the many perks of having outdoor blinds on your patio or other outdoor gathering areas is how effective they are at keeping the bugs at bay.

While we’ve got to give them some credit for the many great things flies bring to the ecosystem, it doesn’t stop our opinion of them – they are still frustratingly annoying, especially when you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party! When the outdoor blinds are closed, the unwelcome bugs can’t get in to swarm around your tasty bites or go for a swim in your freshly poured glass of wine. Having outdoor blinds perfectly measured and fitted to size can be a real game-changer, the perfect way to stop the bugs in their tracks.

Goodbye Harsh Sunlight, Goodbye Glare

Another great benefit of installing outdoor blinds in your home is being able to avoid the direct sunlight. When purchasing outdoor blinds, there are different levels of shade opacity to choose from. Opting for 1% opacity will allow almost no light to filter through, however, those who prefer to leave a hint of natural light without fully opening the blinds can go for a lower opacity percentage. Being able to control the amount of sunlight you’re sitting in makes a world of difference, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your outdoor area. In addition to awful sunburn or irritating glare, over time direct sunlight can affect our furniture or fade any items left in its way. Protect yourself, your family and your belongings by having custom made outdoor blinds fitted for your desired area.

Opt For A More Private Life

Outdoor blinds can give you that privacy you’ve always wanted, without sacrificing your view of the outdoor world. If you’re a sun lover and can’t get enough of natural light filled spaces, but every time you look over to your right you see your nosey neighbour staring you in the face, perhaps it’s time you give yourself a bit more privacy. Outdoor blinds offer you the luxury of keeping the beautiful light coming in, but still let you get on with your everyday life in private. Made from a range of high-quality and special materials, these blinds have pinhole structures that allow you to still see the beauty of outside even when the shutters are down. For homes with verandas and balconies, as much as blinds can provide you with privacy, it can also act as a shield from others. If your neighbour’s lack of gardening skills or untamed yard is proving to be a bit of an eye sore, you can block it all out and protect your view for the prettier things in life with an outdoor blind.

Boost Your Home Value  

A great way to add value to your home is by installing a good quality outdoor blind. Whichever style or design you go for, they can perfectly tie together the outdoor interior of your home, making the space appear more modern and luxurious. Such structures that enhance the appearance of a space are what people look out for when buying a house. Even if you’re not planning on selling up right now, it’s a good investment to consider for when the time comes, and one that you can experience and make the most of until then.

Installing outdoor blinds in your home or outdoor space can be convenient in so many different ways, it’s worth thinking about the type of atmosphere you want to create as there are endless options. You may fancy setting up a shaded area with blinds for your outdoor pool hut, one that protects you from harmful rays, or you may consider turning that unused patio area into an additional room that is functional in both winter and summer. Within moments you can lift up or take down outdoor blinds, allowing you to create the perfect visual and physical barrier between spaces.

We All Love Saving Money

If you’re like most others these days, you probably spend a fair amount of time trying to come up with ways to lower your electric bill. Outdoor blinds, believe it or not, can help you save money at home by regulating your indoor temperatures. These structures block out the warm rays from the sun, which can reduce the heat from building up inside spaces. In the winter months, they help to stabilise the indoor temperatures by insulating your home and preventing those light winds from brushing past and give us a chill. Install a great outdoor blind and you’ll soon see a significant drop in your electric bills.

There are so many reasons to love outdoor blinds with their many benefits, from comfort to cost-saving, to simply just adding a beautiful look to your home. With a number of  options to choose from there’s an ideal fit for all. Create the best living experience for you and your family. Get in touch with our team and discover the perfect outdoor blinds for your home.

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How Can Outdoor Blinds Add Value to Your Home? https://dhegroup.com.au/how-can-outdoor-blinds-adelaide-add-value-to-your-home/ Sun, 01 Dec 2019 22:15:52 +0000 https://dhegroup.com.au/?p=1406 The post How Can Outdoor Blinds Add Value to Your Home? appeared first on Dynamic Roller Shutters - Roller Shutters Adelaide.


We are all looking for ways to make our homes more attractive, more practical and also more value should we come to move on, and there are some very innovative ways of adding value to a home. Creating extra space is a prime example – you might want to add a room above a garage, or extend outwards – and making sure essential fixtures and fittings are kept up to date can also help.

Given the weather in Australia, the need to shield a house – and more importantly, its inhabitants – from the hot sun is imperative. Creating an area outside that is free from direct sunlight, that keeps out the flies and other insects can be an amazing transformation that really adds a new area to your home that buyers are very keen on.

Outdoor blinds are designed for use in patio spaces – a great idea if you have a space that you spend a lot of time outdoors. Think BBQs and meals outside, a Christmas party or just everyday living.

Outdoor blinds for keeping out insects
Our outdoor blinds can keep those pesky flies out and give you a space to enjoy and host your evening with your guests. And with our outdoor blinds you can get a variety of different options. The blinds we fit are made to measure, which means you get precisely fitted coverage that provides the shade and a complete room space outside.

Outdoor Blinds for added privacy
The added privacy the outdoor blinds provide is also not to be overlooked. No longer can people peak out of a window and see all of what is going on. Feeling like you cant be watched when you in your garden at home is a great advantage to any buyer. Being sheltered from the elements but at the same time protected from prying eyes!

Outdoor Blinds for Style
Outdoor blinds look very stylish and aesthetically very pleasing to the eye for your homes exterior. And when our outdoor blinds are as easy to use as ours you will be very pleased with the outcome.

Dynamic Home Enhancements for Outdoor Blinds
As a leading outdoor blinds Adelaide provider, we can offer you a choice of blinds in many materials, in colours including black, brown, white and more, and we have a full service that includes measuring your windows and doors, and providing blinds to the exact sizes you need.

Our blinds are top quality and are designed to be easy to retract and lower, they are made robustly to withstand not only sunlight but the rain we are often subject to, and they are fitted professionally at a price that you will find very reasonable.

If you see a house that already has bespoke fitted outdoor blinds, it’s going to be a very attractive option when compared to one without as the job is done for you.

Outdoor blinds will put your home buyers imagining hosting guests around their home and the also great living experience they offer every day.

For the best in attractive, quality and very durable outdoor blinds, get in touch now and we’ll have a chat about what you have in mind for your home and discuss the options available to you.

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Why Roller Shutters are the Perfect Security for Your Home During Your Travels https://dhegroup.com.au/why-roller-shutters-adelaide-are-the-perfect-security-for-your-home-during-your-travels/ Sun, 01 Dec 2019 21:50:40 +0000 https://dhegroup.com.au/?p=1401 The post Why Roller Shutters are the Perfect Security for Your Home During Your Travels appeared first on Dynamic Roller Shutters - Roller Shutters Adelaide.


It’s a sad fact of life that we are obliged to protect our property from others who may wish to take advantage of our absence. Many burglaries are carried out by opportunist thieves who see a potential point of entry and take a chance there may be something in the building – whether a home, commercial or industrial premises – that might be worth taking, and it is this opportunity that we have to eliminate.

For those of us who travel a lot – you might be away from home for work often – the worry that someone will notice you are not at home and break in and steal your belongings is a very real one, so what can be done to increase security around the home when you are away?

A good alarm system is an option, and by that we mean one that senses movement around the perimeter and informs you or a control room. Alarms work well as a deterrent, but for an obviously empty home, a chancer might still have a go.

Outdoor lights that come on when movement is detected are also a great choice, but again, they may not be completely effective if someone is determined. What you need is something that will not only deter a would-be thief, but that also makes it practically impossible to get in. The answer lies in roller shutters.

How Roller Shutters Deter Thieves

The best roller shutters Adelaide homeowners can fit are those that provide the right level of protection when in place, and can be neatly rolled away when not needed. The roller shutter provides two levels of deterrent: first, it is obvious and clear that the home is protected by strong, metal shutters. Second, it is not worth a thief taking the time to try and get past the shutters, for fear of being spotted or heard.

If you imagine being a thief and opting to go through a window. It is much easier to break in when you just have to get through the glass or an accidently left open window. If a roller shutter presents itself, the only way of getting through is to make a LOT of noise. The theif will always prefer a house without the shutters.

Roller shutters also come in a range of colours and sizes, and there are models that provide different levels of security. Not all are bare metal, as you might expect industrial roller shutters to be. They are available in white, brown and black in general, but a mixture of colours is also available to Dynamic Home Enhancements customers. You can have them made-to-measure for your windows so they fit precisely and provide visible and obvious protection, whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing.

As the shutters are fitted on the outside of the building they do not take up any room inside the house. Only the control, which is either manual, electric or battery operated is set on the wall.

It’s worth talking to your Dynamic Home Enhancements installer for the best information and advice on fitting roller shutters to all the potential entrance points around the home, so give us a call right now and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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Roller Shutters are a diverse and multi functioning solution for homes in Australia. https://dhegroup.com.au/roller-shutters-are-a-diverse-and-multi-functioning-solution-for-homes-in-australia/ Wed, 06 Nov 2019 15:01:59 +0000 https://dhegroup.com.au/?p=1242 The post Roller Shutters are a diverse and multi functioning solution for homes in Australia. appeared first on Dynamic Roller Shutters - Roller Shutters Adelaide.


Escaping the heat

It is vitally important to have an escape from the heat, especially throughout summer. In northern Europe it is common for homes to be very hot during the summer months because homes are so well insulated. The focus is more on heating the home and getting through the cold winters and chilly spring and autumn seasons.

The problem in Australia is very much the opposite. There are far more warmer months and specifically the sunlight coming through the window can cause the temperature in your home to heat up dramatically.


Australia is one of the hottest climates in the world


Glass dramatically increases the temperature of your home, which costs more in your electricity bills.

Just like sitting in a car with no air conditioning. The glass in your car turns the UV light into infra-red light, which increases the temperature inside through radiation.

Unless you are able to decrease the temperature with air conditioning or adequate ventilation the temperature will simply increase to uncomfortable levels.

The associated costs with relying on air conditioning to cool the car down means more consumption of fuel in a vehicle, or likewise in your home a significant cost increase in energy bills will coincide.

Temperature increases quickly over time in a vehicle

In Australia, during the summer months it could cost you thousands of dollars per month if you are having to put air conditioning on all throughout the season.

If the air conditioning were to fail, or if there is a power outage then any room in someone’s home with a large window facing the sun could have real issues with rising temperatures.

Having a safe haven from the heat is vitally important in any scenario. It makes sense to ensure that you are covered in all situations all year round with a suitable solution for the changing seasons, temperature and weather.


How to escape the heat during the summer with Roller Shutters

During the summer months roller shutters offer a solution that does not rely on mains power and provides a simple yet important solution to homes in Australia.

Once installed they have little to no energy cost to function.

Roller shutters work by covering the windows externally with a covering that reflects the sunlight and stops UV light getting into the window. Stopping the heat from the source.

Polyurethane foam injected into the slat during the roll forming process. Its the highest insulating foam on the market, which allows you to save up to 40% on your energy bill but also stops up to 90% thermal transfer of energy through the window.

Most importantly it dramatically reduces temperature in the room and makes the whole house much easier to temperature control, whilst relying much less on air conditioning and saving massively on energy bills.


Roller Shutters can keep you and your home safe in the worst of storms Australia has to offer.

You can of course cover the windows outside with fabric or something less significant. But it just does not compare to having roller shutters which are far more an aesthetically pleasing solution that provides a practical solution at the same time.

From a security perspective they are also a solution that will stop a window becoming an entry point for an intruder. There is simply no way an intruder can get through the roller shutters without making a LOT of noise in the process.

Roller shutters also have huge benefits with storm protection and give protection from bush fires.

roller shutter storm protection queensland

Being prepared for the worst of the storms in Queensland with Roller Shutters

If there is a storm approaching then its good to have a plan and roller shutters enable you to reduce the chances of high winds causing damage to windows.

Since 2010 there have been over 298 severe storms in South Australia, 539 in Victoria, 1496 in New South Wales, 983 in Queensland, 11460 in Western Australia, 96 in Tasmania and 206 in Northern Territory.

The importance of ensuring your home is safe from the biggest of the storms is vitally important. Having to claim on insurance is not a favourable option and some insurance companies favour having security shutters, which in turn will lower premiums. (It’s something you may have to ask specifically about to your insurance company.)

Added benefits of security and noise reduction

Roller shutters add benefits of noise reduction, which is highly beneficial if you live in an area with lots of traffic driving past on a daily basis. The roller shutters offer insulated solutions, which are specifically designed to reduce the impact of cars and other loud vehicles such as trains and trucks.

If you are unfortunate enough to have car headlights, or streetlights coming through your window then having roller shutters can completely stop the impact of bright light these have at night time aswell as giving the security and temperature control that roller shutters provide.

Overall roller shutters are perhaps the most diverse solution to many of the problems of living in Australia and hot countries in general. Their popularity has grown significantly in the last few decades and a competitive market for roller shutters is emerging.


Dynamic Home Enhancements for Roller Shutters in Australia.

If you live in Australia then be sure to check out Dynamic Home Enhancements for roller shutters. Based in Adelaide they serve the whole of Australia, with focus on South Australia, Cairns, Newcastle & Central Coast areas.

Buying direct from DHE Group is one of the most affordable ways as they manufacture the roller shutters and provide the roller shutter installation too, which overall saves lots of money.


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