Outdoor Roller shutters are an effective solution to solve some of the most common problems in the household like security, noise, light, privacy and heat. Keep reading to find out the benefits of having them installed for your home.

1. Security

  • Can roller shutters be broken in?

It is hard to break in a roller shutter. They provide an extra layer of protection to the windows and other access points in the house. Also, when you have outdoor shutters installed on the windows, means may be harder for a criminal to get through the window, especially without making noise using loud machinery or tools.

  • Can you cut roller shutters?

Yes, you can. However, heavy saws are used during their manufacturing process to cut them, and it makes loud noises. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to cut through with a handsaw or easily take the shutter apart. 

Also, it is important to ensure that your outdoor roller shutters are made of high-quality aluminium, as cheaply made shutters are likely to be less secure than others. You can find cheap options in Bunnings roller shutters but we highly recommend getting your roller shutters installed by professionals like us.

  • Can you force open an outdoor roller shutter?

    Forcing a roller shutter to open is a tricky process. To do it, you need to be able to manipulate the motor somehow to begin winding the shutter up. So a criminal will have to break into the sealed box and handle the motor of the roller shutter to wind it. In this instance, manual roller shutters may be less secure than motorised roller shutters.

    If you had heavy-duty tools, it might be possible to break the components of the shutter to break through them but as we mentioned before, it will make lots of noise and is a risky move for any criminal.

  • Are houses with roller shutters harder to break in?

Yes, roller shutters act as a deterrent for criminals. Offenders are less likely to want to attempt a break-in through a window if there are roller shutters on doors and windows.

A criminal, if given a choice between identical properties, will choose to break into the one without the shutters, as it is an extra layer that they have to get through and makes it unnecessarily hard for them to break into the home.

They vary in price massively, depending on the quality of the product and components. Also, there are key factors like width, height, and areas where the shutters will be installed that will influence their final price.  Although, when you are considering all the benefits roller shutters provide to your home, the price means nothing.

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  • Extra tips for keeping your home secure

Even if you have roller shutters installed in your home, it is always a good idea:

  • Keep windows locked from the inside: Even if a criminal broke through a shutter, they might have to break the window to get through that opening.
  • Add security doors and windows: The privacy screen gives extra peace of mind when answering the front door as the homeowner can see the person at the door but the person knocking can’t see the homeowner and what is inside the home. 
  • Nowadays, many security camera are available on the market that are not expensive and don’t require huge amounts of configuration, setup and work over your home WIFI. These are good for gathering evidence of any crimes, especially ongoing harassment or targeting that someone might be receiving.

2. Noise

  • Do roller shutters reduce and block out noise?

Roller shutters have insulation properties between each shutter slat, which means that loud noises outside will have a tough time penetrating through the aluminium, the insulation and the window. Each layer absorbs or reflects the sounds that can get into the home. 

  • Are window roller shutters any good for noise reduction?

Roller shutters are the best solution for road noise reduction. Interestingly when you go along a street next to a busy road, you might notice many of the residents have window roller shutters installed for that reason. 

Sound travelling through the window is very annoying as glass does often not provide much noise protection. With a roller shutter correctly installed and fitted most of the loud noises from the road will be reduced. 

Ensure that your roller shutters are insulated with the highest grade foam, just like Dynamic Roller Shutters to get the most out of your roller shutters.

3. Light Control

  • Do aluminium roller shutters complete blackout?

An aluminium roller shutter blocks out all the light coming through a window, even during the brightest of days with the sun directly facing the window. The only thing that would stop it from being 100% blackout would be the side of the roller shutters, which have to be installed correctly to get the 100% blackout effect.

  • Can you see out of the window with roller shutters?

It is possible to have the shutters down and then lift them very slightly to see the outside from the gaps between each slat. Actually, if you are close enough to the gap, you can see through a bit like a spy hole on a door. Generally speaking, if you want to see out the window, you have to roll the shutter up enough to be able to watch the outside comfortably. 

Having control over the light coming into your home gives many advantages related to privacy and heat control in the summer months. 

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  • Do roller shutters give you privacy?

They can be a good option for privacy particularly if your window is on the show to a lot of foot traffic and people walking past. Roller shutters give you the option to completely blackout the window and ensure that your home is a private place.

4. Heat

  • Do roller shutters keep the heat out?

Yes, but perhaps not in the way you might be thinking. They are very effective at stopping your home from warming up. 

The glass windows around your home are the number 1 place where your home will heat up. As light comes in through the window, the light turns to infrared rays that will warm up your home. Much like a car in the sun and with no air conditioning, the car will heat up incredibly quickly and it will be so warm in the car within a few minutes. The same happens with our homes. 

By having a roller shutter installed on windows, a typical homeowner could save hundreds of dollars a month on energy bills by simply having it down during the sunniest part of the day.

Not only that but, as soon as the sunlight comes through the window your whole house is going to warm up and, the light also can damage carpets and discolour items in your home, especially any left by a window. This is one of the reasons why carpet companies are also offering roller shutters and plantation shutters to their product range.

To find out more about how roller shutters reduce heat, click here.

  • Can roller shutter prevent cold?

Roller shutters are also good at keeping the heat in your home during the colder months of the year. You may have vented heating throughout your home and, the most likely place the heat in your home is going to escape from is the windows. 

By having modern roller shutters installed on the windows, the heat is trapped and is less able to escape. Roller shutters have insulation properties due to the high-density foam inside each slat. It means your windows have extra layers that stop the heat from escaping out. 

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5. Add Value

  • Do Roller shutters add value to your home?

With two houses that look the same, located in the same place and the only difference is one has roller shutters installed on each window and, the other one does not, which one would you be more willing to purchase if they were the same price? 

Think about this: when someone buys a home, that person is looking for value for money. Also, if the house offers extras such as outside roller shutters or outdoor blinds installed in the pergola area, it becomes a more attractive offering and can reach a higher price than one similar.

As people learn about the value outdoor roller shutters add to someone’s home, more and more people are buying them. Over the last five years, there has been a huge acceleration in the number of people who want or are looking for roller shutters throughout Australia. This phenomenon is because roller shutters solve so many problems for most households that no other home improvement product can resolve.

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